Takubo Machine Works Co., Ltd. has been providing Finishing Laboratory Machinery to the World for nearly 60 years. In Japan customers are serviced directly by factory sales and service personnel. All machines sold to countries other than Japan are exported by our International division branded exclusively as either a Dia or Takubomatic products, each brand maintains its own website and support system. The International Division of Takubo Machine Works is dedicated to expanding these two brands. Regardless of which brand of Takubo products you purchase, the international Division of Takubo Machine Works is dedicated to providing the finest support in the industry by working with all of the Distributors and Representatives that make up the Takubo Distribution & Service Group. If you are interested in purchasing machinery for your own use; please refer to a distributor located in your country. If you are interested in in large scale distribution of our products into a market where we do not have distribution please contact either DIA or Takubomatic to discuss distribution options.

 International Division Contact Information
 Location  4-2-2, Shorinji-cho Nishi, Sakai-ku, SAKAI, OSAKA,
 590-0960 JAPAN
 Url  http://www.dia-optical.com/
 Tel  +81 72-222-5767
 Fax  +81 72-238-0656
 E-mail  dia@takubo.com
 Contact  TAKUBO MACHINE WORKS CO.,LTD. / International
 Location  5-5-3 Miyahara, Yodogawa-Ku,Osaka 532-0003, JAPAN
 Url  http://www.takubomatic.jp/
 Tel  +81 6-6394-8780
 Fax  +81 6-6394-8781
 E-mail  takubomatic@takubo.com